Additional Services

Backing - $9/yard
You can supply your own backing or purchase from us. I carry bleached or unbleached muslin, 90" wide, at a charge of $9.00 per yard.
Batting - $8/yard
If you supply your own batting, please check with us prior to shipping.  For your convenience, I stock two quality battings for purchase at $9/yard.  Hobbs 80/20, 90" wide, this is for traditional style quilting, has some shrinking when washed.  Warm & Natural, 90" wide has a firmer finish, used a lot in wall hangings.  
NOT ACCEPTED – Fairfield Cotton Classic, Mountain Mist Gold FUSE, Wal-Mart batts and other thin un-bonded batting, as it does not always quilt consistently.
Binding- $0.15 - $0.40/
I do not offer machine binding because I believe your quilt deserves the traditional finished look of hand binding. Hand finished for showing includes making a straight grain binding from your fabric (send 1 to 1 ½ yards), sewn mitered corners, blind hemstitches on back, invisible join. $0.35 per linear inch.  Attach only for you to hand finish. I will make a straight grain binding from your fabric (send 1 to 1 ½ yards) to allow you to turn and hand stitch to the back. $0.15 per linear inch.  Bias Cut is necessary to finish curved edges. An additional $0.05 charge will apply. Please send 1 extra yard of binding fabric.
Hanging Sleeve - $20
A show quality Hanging Sleeve would be of the same material as the backing and hand stitched under the binding with blind hem stitching. This service is only available if the Hand Finished Binding service is selected. Please include extra backing material.
Labor - $20/hr
Any additional labor will be charged at $20 per hour. This may include pressing your quilt top, squaring the backing, seam repair work, or preparing quilt to attach to the machine for quilts with scalloped edge borders or rounded corners. In most cases there will be no additional charges but I ask that you authorize 1 hour, ($20), on the order form. This will not be invoiced if not used.
Rush Job - $75
Rush orders will be quilted at night or on weekends. This is so I do not miss a promised completion date for previously scheduled customers. Guaranteed 7-day turn around. Edge-to-Edge (Basic or Detailed) options only. Not available Oct. through Dec.
Set Up Charge - $20
A set up fee of $20 will be charged for all quilts.  This fee covers the time involved in mounting all three layers to the machine and stabilizing the edges.
Shipping - $20
Return shipping via UPS or USPS with $300 insurance. Additional insurance can be purchased @ $.35 per $100.
Threads - $4/$8
If you do not specify a color, please indicate if you would prefer the quilting to be more or less prominent. If the fabric print is busy, a matching color thread will not show as well. The quilting thread will be more noticeable on solid fabrics.
In some cases, your quilt design can be enhanced with more than one thread color. I currently limit two thread colors for most quilts (Custom and Heirloom categories). If you would like more than the two colors, a $3 charge will apply for every additional color.
There will be a $4 charge for solid color thread or an $8 charge for specialty threads, such as metallic and variegated.  Please let us know in advance if you select a specialty thread in case I need to special order.
Turning the Quilt - $20
The quilt must be turned for borders to be applied to the other side. This involves removing the quilt from the machine and re-attaching to the other side. This is a separate charge not included in other price categories.