Longarm Quilting Services

I currently offer six quilting service categories. Pricing is determined by the amount and complexity of quilting involved to achieve the results you desire. Each price level is based on a per square inch charge (Length x Width).

A SETUP charge of $20 will be applied to all items.

Included with each category are basting around the perimeter of the quilt (within 1/4" of the edge) to stabilize the edge and facilitate the application of the binding, and trim the backing and batting to 1" of the top, unless otherwise instructed.

The prices exclude charges for additional services, materials or labor such as, threads, fabric, piecing, batting, binding, turning, ironing, and shipping.
Basting Only - $0.005/sq.in
This is an option for the hand quilter who does not have the room or time to layer and baste their quilt. Basting is approximately 3-4 inches apart (horizontal and vertical grid) and the edges stabilized.
Edge-to-Edge (Basic) - $0.015/sq.in.
This service is for one overall design, using one thread color, repeated over the entire surface of the quilt. Included in this category are basic pantograph patterns, large meandering, and free form quilting done without regard to the piecing design.
This is subtle and economical but an effective quilting technique for a quilt that will get a lot of use or receive frequent laundering. These designs should be considered on quilts with centered designs.
Edge-to-Edge (Detailed) - $0.015 - $0.020/sq.in.
This service is the same as Edge-to-Edge Basic with the exception of more quilting. It would include smaller meandering or a more intricate pantograph pattern.
Semi-Custom - $0.020/sq.in.
One overall pattern in the center of the quilt and stippling, meandering, freehand work, or pattern on the borders. A separate turning charge to complete borders may apply.
Custom - $0.020 – 0.035/sq.in.
This category encompasses a wide variety of quilting techniques such as cross hatching, echoing, multiple designs and patterns on individual blocks, designs from stencils and templates, etc.  This is a commonly requested service.
Heirloom - $0.040 - ???/sq.in.
This service differs from the Custom Quilting category in its complexity. Usually anything that has very heavy quilting will be considered heirloom.
Applications include smaller background patterns and stippling, very dense designs, and other quilting methods requiring considerable time to perform such as extensive cross hatching or stitch-in-the-ditch. Complex or multiple borders, trapunto, concentric circles and fans, and echoing around multiple appliquéd items would all be considered in the heirloom category.  This category is usually reserved for those quilts that have special meaning and will be worthy of the added expense.